So perhaps there is more to the whole gay-baiting performance that is Nick Jonas… The actor who plays gay characters in both Kingdom and Scream Queens, has always led the masses to believe that he was just comfortable with his sexuality as a straight male. Although he may be comfortable with a reach-around buddy too.

He recently spoke to the Daily Mail Online, where some debbie reporter probed him (lol), about his sexuality and whether he’d actually messed around with boys. To which Nick responded with an ambiguous answer, naturally followed by a plug for his show:

“I can’t say whether I have or I haven’t, but if you watch [Kingdom] you’ll see more of that”.

SO, has he actually fooled about with other guys, or was this all just another ruse to lure the gays into watching that Netflix Boxer flick? Most gays are so busy bashing one out to the thought that he might be potentially a sliver of a Scream Queen himself, that they probably didn’t even stop to question.

Continuing, he goes: “There’s a thing of recognizing that you have gay fans, as a male artist. I was speaking to some of my very close gay friends as I was making the record, and they told me I should really make the effort to embrace my gay audience as it’s bigger than I might think. There should be more of it. There should be more heterosexual male artists who are comfortable to attract a gay audience and do it in a way that’s authentic. With me, it comes from a very genuine and loving place.”

HMM… Thoughts?

Sounds like his gay mates are wisely advising him to play up to his gay fans because they know when it comes to fangirling – the homos can make or brake you. So, what’s the meaning behind these latest comments?

[H/T: Queerty]