Our day really isn’t complete until we hear the weird and worrying world of some perverse scandal. Today’s is the story of David E. Cena’s oral sex trap that managed to entice at least 60 straight blokes into putting their dick through a hole in the wall, and subsequently into Cena’s mouth. Next level VOM. The Missouri cum bucket then videoed the incidents and uploaded them to a porn site. He was clearly the brains of the force.

Just FYI, keeping evidence after committing a crime is a one-way ticket to jail. Cut to Cena dropping the soap at every chance he gets. Even the sexually starved rapists won’t want a piece of that, *shudder*.

Firstly, what woman would ever have their own glory hole in their home? C’mon. Use your head. And not that one you put in this pig’s mouth. Speaking of, bet all of these men got a little more sympathy for Gordon Brown now…

It reminds me of this tranny from Gran Canaria who used to mince across a building site, pretend to the builders she was a woman, bend over and let them at it. “No, no in the fanny, only in the bum bum” was her motto.

STILL, thought this shit was messed up? you haven’t heard the half of it, babes. So, right, Cena also set up a hidden camera in a convenience store bathroom and uploaded them too. Hopefully he left out the ones of the big Bears dropping the kids off. But far worse than that, he abused his position as a police officer to molest a disabled boy in a holding cell. Despite the humour that runs through this article, that’s unspeakably sick and disturbingly twisted. Stitch up his hole and give him life.

Cena pleaded guilty; let’s not that render any lighter punishment.

[H/T: Queerty]