gomez-coverThose of you – like us – who are total stans for Britney, will already know of the famous choreographer Willie Gomez. Aptly named, as the dancer comes relatively close to show his willy in his new 2016 calendar. You know you’ve made it when you have a calendar at WHSmith. Having a dozen shots, solely on you (possibly concepted by you) and with nothing to promote apart from sales, means it’s the one time celebrities get fairly racy. For Kim Kardashian that’s every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

And Gomez has certainly done that – ditching clothes altogether, although he’s no stranger to getting naked. Opinions so far have been mixed; “the dancer moves just aren’t sexy” writes one Twitter user. While another puts, “that body is perfection!”

Hmm, thoughts?



[H/T: NNN]