You know what they say, “Monday mornings are like that person you never invited to the party, but they turn up anyway. Like, I’ll allow it, but how rude”. But perhaps our Monday mood swings are more a force of habit than actually something we feel. It’s also true that the only thing you need to be in a good mood, is to decide that you’re already in one. I’ve found this true on countless ocassions, but for those of you that struggle a bit with the whole ‘mind over matter’ practice, sometimes a motivational mantra helps…

Because sometimes the only person that can help us, is ourself:

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Are you gonna work hard for yourself, or someone else?

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If U don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will

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A bad day can only ever last 24 hours:



Whatever is getting you down, won’t last forever. And no matter how bad, will never seem as bad as it does today, in one month down the line


Be a warrior, don’t be weak. And if you don’t trust yourself, don’t give yourself the option to go backwards


Don’t get down about your mistakes. They make you who you are. They make you stronger. And in five years time, they’ll probably make you laugh. 


Nothing comes easy, especially those things really worth having.


People don’t change overnight. If you’re on your way to a better you, always remember that slightest change is still growth… 



Boy troubles? You won’t even remember his name when you meet The One.


Don’t bail on your dreams halfway through, babe

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Think about the kind of relationships that will undoubtedly benefit you:

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Being comfortable doesn’t change your life

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Without Monday mornings, you can’t have Saturday nights:

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Procrastination can be your biggest enemy. Don’t let it ruin your recipe for success.

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Stay humble and stay motivated

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