Whether it’s Monday martinis to ease yourself into the week, or Woo Woo Wednesdays for the midweek blues there’s always time for cocktails and cocktalk. It’s not just the name of a fabulous blog, you know – it’s the secret to a fabulous lifestyle. And thanks to the new Cocktail Card, you can visit venues all over London and get trollied for half the cost. Just because you’re not on the wage of a lady of leisure doesn’t mean you can’t blag the social life of one. It’s something we call ‘budget glam’, that gays tend to practise in abundance.

It’s also the perfect excuse to branch out on the bars you’re visiting, and to add a little something extra to your dating life. Sure, you can always meet your date outside Jersey Boys before getting sloshed in Soho – because you know, that’s so original. Or you could meet at a bouji cocktail bar, and actually have a conversation with your date without bumping into a plethora of scene queens.

Our personal advice: Download the App that tells you where the nearest bars who accept your card are (yes, it’s Grindr for Cosmos) and do a WAG-style bar crawl.

The Cocktail Card is every sassy bitch’s new accessory. At £30 a year, we’ll probably save hundreds of pounds of booze.

Get yours HERE.