BY Anthony Giletcharlie6

Charlie King, mostly known for his stint on The Only Way Is Essex has come out as gay on This Morning. Wait, hold on, he hadn’t already? Actually no, he came out as “bisexual” last year (or maybe year before that). Bless that “bisexual” phase we all have… You know the one where you tell everyone that you still bang girls even though the mere thought of a pussy makes you quiver. If we’ve learnt anything from gay-listers like Charlie King, Tom Daley and Duncan James it’s that bisexual is just a meaningless phrase people throw around like ‘that’s hot’ or ‘I’m here if you need me’. Firstly, if you’re gonna try pass off as straight/bi you need a better beard than Gemma Collins.

Needless to say, WELCOME!


Charlie’s probably second-most known for whoring himself out to Attitude magazine. Which when you’ve worked as hard in the gym as he has is understandable. I love his transformation from somebody that appeared kind of meek/timid in the shadow of Miss Collins (LOL – that wasn’t a fat joke, I swear), to this buff confident gay guy…


So here’s a little picture special of Mr. King to welcome him to the brotherhood!







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