Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black


Now I know we’ve had our differences with Dustin – but c’mon girl, that was way back in the day. We don’t hold grudges here at C&C, and we understand why you wouldn’t want such explicit images on the internet. So let’s all just be bigger (LOL) people and move on… Don’t they look cute sharing sweets as they stroll along? It just goes to show you that love conquers all – even being a completely miss-matched couple. And fashion, apparently. Just kidding – usually photos of happy couples makes us more nauseous than consuming an entire bag of pick ‘n’ mix, but this one touched us in the cavity where our heart used to be.

Tom Pearce


TOWIE’s Tom Pearce plays around in a shower during an Ibiza break, with what the Daily Mail describe as a “seductive” look on his face. Pah! You call that seductive? The only thing he’s seducing is a series of emergency calls regarding a ponsey Essex boy squiffing out in a shower on Bora Bora. Looks like one of the states you’d find in Chariots at 11am on a Sunday. OK, that was a little harsh… Wait was it? Hold on, do I care? Tom’s a good-looking lad, but these pics are proper naff. But who are we to judge? Totally showered with worse.

Alex Minsky

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 14.17.48

The second person on this week’s list to throw around words like “lawsuit” and “privacy infringement” *rolls eyes*. Well, aren’t we (not) surprised to see that now the athlete gets naked (again). This time on Instagram. And without his cock on full show… Well that certainly makes him ten times less interesting.
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