It’s the ‘gay’ film that’s had everyone at recent Film Festivals gabbing like unemployed queers in Soho Sq on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, so naturally I was looking forward it. Unfortunately the hype turned out the be a bigger talking point than the film itself. Don’t get me wrong, there were certain things about ‘Behind the Candelabra’ that worked brilliantly; there was a lovely pacing the entire film, it invokes a thoughtful poignancy and both Matt Damon and Michael Douglas played the roles well. But I couldn’t help but think the plot was lacking somewhat, obviously it was based on the memoirs of Liberace, and so the makers wanted to stay true to that – which I respect. And the ending, though sad (and actually kind of deep), lacked drama. But still worth seeing, even if it is for Michael Douglas getting topped by Matt Damon. And the bit where he grabs his crotch; half-jealous, half-HOWLING.

The story is about the closeted pianist Liberace and how he takes Scott Thorson under his wing in Sugar Daddy-esque (if not slightly incestuous) relationship. The subtly of how the tables so quickly turn on Scott is beautifully done and though Liberace isn’t exactly portrayed as our hero, a part of us continues to sympathise with him as things take an unexpected turn.

Rating: 7/10