Is that a Sphynx kitten in your pants or are you just happy to see us?

This series of Big Brother UK sees a hoard of (fairly) fit blokes, and thus giving viewers one reason to watch it this year. Albeit one more reason than any of the other series. Our eyes (amongst other things) are particularly drawn to Benedict Garrett, who by day is a teacher and by night is a porn star – Johnny Anglais. While we can unanimously agree that his porn star name is even worse than his decision to get his cock out on film, while alternatively teaching horny school children in his day job – he is pretty to look at. And sleeping with a teacher is just hot. And with him being an adult film star, one would hope you wouldn’t need to do the teaching, which is usually how it goes in the bedroom. In the scantily clad, and epically cheesy promo shots, we have to admit that although his ‘Johnny’ looks a bit like a hamster with alopecia – we wouldn’t say no.

And if you want to see him in action (no, not teaching) – CLICK HERE.

We’re also loving Conor. Irish accent + big arms = Win. Major win. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen enough of these men to decipher what arrogant toss pots they actually are (they’re attention-debby audition tapes aside). So we’ll have to wait and see…