I wanna know what all the tourists behind were looking at instead

Cocktails and Cocktalk speaks exclusively to everybody’s favourite Dreamboy: LOTAN CARTER.

Cocktails and Cocktalk: First things first, do the Dreamboys actually get their wangs out?
Lotan Carter: Laughs. Yeah, not all the boys… I don’t. Some things should be left for your partner, if you show it all, whats left to want…
C&C: Agreed, although I think the readers agree we’d of liked to have seen it all.

C&C: How did you get into stripping?
LC: I was filming for Pineapple Dance Studios, when I got a call from Louie [Spence] saying the Dreamboys want me to audition, I didn’t know what the show was ’til my mum told me, I then went to the audition the next day expecting to get totally naked then was told i wasnt required too laughs… A couple days later I was in Amsterdam with them! The rest is history!
C&C: But you were prepared to get starko!

C&C: How sleazy do the Dreamboy nights get? i.e. are there slaggy birds trying to grope you etc.
LC: Laughs, yeah can be in the Mayfair Hotel one night in a penthouse, and the next in some Dog and Duck, performing to hideous birds in valour tracksuits and Reebok classics!
C&C: Oh honey, no. Do they ever get as wild as football orgies?
LC: Yeah some parties can, and worse, from what I’ve heard…
C&C: Scandalous!!

C&C: How does your girlfriend feel about the slaggy munters?
LC: As any woman would, she’s not in love with my job, but she’s very good with it all, we’re engaged and really in love so the trust is there.
C&C: Aw, TOTES cute.

C&C: What’s your favourite song to strip to? Get a bit of Barry White on do we?
LC: Laughs. I don’t have one.
C&C: Do you ever use your stripping skills on your girlfriend?
LC: Yeah I stripped for her recently, she was coming over so I got all ready, left the door open, had the music on and downed a bottle of wine I was soo nervous!! Laughs. Ended well though, winks.
C&C: Laughs, Lotan, you wino!

C&C: How gay are you?
LC: I would love to say I don’t care about self-image, but I’d be lying. I got about twelve hairs on my chest and a snail train, so they have to go, the occasional sunbed and I moisturise everyday, but I’ve done that since i was ten, NO make up! Some of the other lads spend hours on hair and make-up and shaving their legs etc, but I think men should still look like men, no-one wants to see a Ken doll on stage!
C&C: Oh shut up! Who shaves their legs?!
LC: Tommy! Doesn’t have a bit of hair on him.
C&C: Not being funny, I can be camp, but that’s CAMP.

C&C: Does Louis [Spence] (Lotan’s cousin) ever take you gay clubbing?
LC: Nah [laughs], only ever really go to The Ivy with him, he’s not really into that scene.
C&C: I’m there like all the time, dunno how we haven’t bumped into each other.

C&C: Cocktails and Cocktalk shares my dating disasters, what’s the worst date you’ve ever had?
LC: NEXT! [Laughs]
C&C: Boo! You whore.

C&C: You’re friends with Katie Price, has she ever tried it on with you?
LC: Not sure we’re ‘friends’ but myself, Gary [Cockerill] and Phil are. And no, she hasn’t, regardless of what that photo in The Sun looked like. I just stripped at her hen-do.

C&C: Are any of the Dreamboys gay?
LC: Only one, but he does the TV & promo, he’s a lovely guy and a good friend of mine. I’m slightly suspect about a couple of the others.
C&C: Like the one that shaves his legs?


Boxers or Briefs? Briefs.
Shave, wax or trim? Trim.
Nice Chest or nice legs: Nice Chest
When was your first kiss? When I was four, in Smugler Cove.
Biggest turn off? Bad teeth, smelly breath and being totally pissed up.

Yeah it’s SO not about kissing someone with cock-breath. Anyway, thanks for your time Lote! And I’ll see you for eyebrow waxing soon!