Theatre-goers may face a mobile phone ban after British actor James Norton was snapped naked during his full-frontal scenes for Little Life on the London West End.

The person who took the surprisingly hi-res photos decided not to leak the images on social media, but rather to sell them to the papers. Clearly not a person of the people. If you’re that broke you need to sell bits to the tabloids, how did you afford theatre tickets in the first place?

Now audiences could face a complete phone ban altogether.

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Norton previously said, “We’re scared of the penis. Men, I think, we’re far more obsessed with it. I mean, women I’ve asked are like, ‘I don’t care, you know, it’s just a penis, whatever’.”

He also compared stripping off for the role, like “getting naked at work”.

The scenes in which Norton is nude are sadly not something to be fetished; Norton is humiliated as he is beaten and spat on.

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