What happens on an Atlantis Cruise stays on an Atlantis Cruise… or at least, that’s what the company are hoping for.

In a bid to gag their customers (on something other than their cabin neighbour’s viagra boner), Atlantis Events issued a new “important” policy to guests boarding their Harmony of the Seas cruise ship last week. Hmm… something tells us that trip is gonna anything but ‘harmonious’.

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“While we want everyone to have fun, there are limits and so we ask that you be respectful of all guests and our cruise partners,” reads a section of the handbook sent to guests last month before departure. “Please do not post anything explicitly sexual on social media in a public forum or other online space.

“Any guest who posts or publishes an explicit and publicly visible photo or video will be asked to leave the ship with no refund,” the handbook warns.

Not the gworls getting stranded in Rowanda for posting a video of them being railed on the dance floor.

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Rich Campbell, CEO of Atlantis Events, told BuzzFeed: “The cruise lines have asked me to include that and that’s not such a strange request, they don’t want their brand featured.”

Chris, a lawyer on his fifth Atlantis cruise, told the online publication: “These cruises get a reputation as nothing but a sex boat because the videos of performances go viral and because they can be inflammatory and people see them as the norm. These cruises are more than that.”

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