According to dentists on TikTok, they can tell when their patient has been performing a bit too much fellatio.

In one video, a dentist teased, “when your patient has a bruise on his palette, and his girlfriend is also your patient”. Implying that the boyfriend of the female patient also gets a little man-action on the side.

The revelation that dentists can tell from bruising on your soft palette sent shockwaves through TikTok, who were – undoubtedly – mortified.

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In the comment section, Japhet Cordero, who posted the video, clarified that bruises can take up to two weeks to disappear.

While some commenters jumped to the defense of the guy, claiming that “dominant women with straps exist” and “maybe his girlfriend is trans”, the general consensus was that there’s a ‘new fear unlocked’ when it comes to seeing your dentist.

The claim was confirmed by a number of other dentists who have posted similar content online.

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