Wow mom. The new German movie Grand Jeté is eliciting strong reactions from audiences for its unbelievable central romance between a mother and son. Sure, we’ve seen this kind of thing before (Louis Garrel’s 2004 movie Ma mére comes to mind) but Grand Jeté ups the ante in ways you are not expecting.

The mother is into body torture (she’s an ageing ballerina with feet that look like hamburger meat), and the apple doesn’t fall far from the hamburger meat feet as her son, played by cute blonde actor Emil von Schönfels, is also into body torture.


His method of choice? Emil von Schönfels’ character frequents underground ball torture competitions, where he and other young men dangle ten-pound weights from their privates. Kinda like Fight Club, and “the first rule about Fight Club is don’t invite you mom… oh FFS!”

What’s even crazier – yes it gets crazier – is that his mom actually watches him compete in the ball torture competition. This is in addition to their unsimulated handjob scene.

Sounds like a certain father/son duo we know on OnlyFans.

It’s apparent that the director of Grand Jeté, Isabelle Stever, wants to push the envelope, but did she go too far? That’s for you to decide. Check out these extreme nude scenes from Grand Jeté and decide for yourself. 

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