When it comes to photo shoots, the model has a certain duty to do what they can to get the shot. And porn star Jese Ares was definitely willing to go to more ‘lengths’ than others.

We recently stumbled across this daring shoot he partook in; eating an apple, entwined with a snake while nude. Eve, who?

While promoting his album back in 2011, (can’t say music and porn is a crossover we hear of regularly, but maybe he can make some decent tracks to bang to… you know, so we don’t have to listen to the studios cheesy background beats), he told QueerMeNow blog:

The shooting with the snake was quite challenging. Especially when it makes best friends with your dick. As far as I know, snakes are almost blind and can only see warmth. So I guess it thought my cock was a fellow-friend of his species… hahaha… it just went for my dick…. all the time…. and it wrapped itself around it and started squeezing it

The snake saw its shot and took it.

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