American footballer Tom Brady has just launched his own sportswear brand Brady Brand. And while promoting its first underwear line, Brady promised fans he’d recreate the shoot of the models wearing the boxer briefs if the tweet reached 40k.

“Unrelated but can you guys send me some more of the socks”, he joked.

The post did in fact reach over 50k, and now there’s a ton of people eagerly awaiting these pics.

However, one fan wanted more than just pics. (Well, probably all of them did, but only one of them spoke up about it).

“If this reply gets 40,000 likes will you fly me out and hand deliver me a pair of game worn underwear”, Greg requested.

Now, Brady is never going to fly out and hand deliver a pair of worn underwear like some filthy PostMates. But he did agree to send a pair of undies, “Pick a colour Greg”.

Not before rightly asking, “what’s wrong with you people?”

The question is, do you think Tom will actually wear them first? Or just send him a pair as a gesture of PR gratitude?

Keep us updated, Greg!

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