Gay provocateur Bruce La Bruce just came out with his most shocking movie to date, which is saying something. (His NSFW 2013 movie Gerontophilia is about a handsome young man who can only get it up for seniors). La Bruce’s latest, Saint-Narcisse, is a take on the Greek myth of Narcisse – the guy who became obsessed with his own reflection. Bruce takes a little creative liberty with the idea by crafting a story about identical twin brothers who fall in love with each other. Taking “boyfriend twins” to the next level I see!

Saint-Narcisse stars the very sexy actor Félix-Antoine Duval as both twins. So, no, you don’t really see brothers having sex in this movie. After finding each other after decades apart, these twin brothers realize that denying their sexual chemistry is difficult, if not impossible. 

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The movie cumulates with a sex scene that sees the brothers going balls deep in the woods! Three body doubles were enlisted to bring this complex sex scene to life, but you are definitely seeing all of Félix-Antoine Duval’s naked bod here. 

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Of course we can’t come across a movie like this and not share it with you, so check out some of the truly insane highlights from Saint-Narcisse below! (And if you like what you see, check out the full unedited scenes here).

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