Elite has rapidly becomes one of Spain’s most consumed teen TV shows thanks to Netflix. Already on its fifth season, the high school drama features an untold amount of gay sex… just the amount we like.

André Lamoglia is joining the cast for the debut season and he’s jumped in balls-deep.

Needless to say, Ivan (Lamgolia) doesn’t maintain his ‘straight’ label for too long, and on a recent press tour he spoke about filming his passionate sex scenes with Manu Rios.

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“I’ll be honest. Before I got to Spain, when I got cast, I was worried about filming those scenes. Mainly because I’ve never done a scene like that in my career before. So I kept thinking about the logistics of how it would be done.”

“After I arrived here in Madrid, it was much more relaxed than I imagined,” said the Brazillian actor. “When we film the scenes, the team is reduced onset. We have an intimacy coordinator, precisely for those scenes, to make us more comfortable, more prepared, to bring more truth to the scene.”

Well, wearing a modesty pouch doesn’t sound very truthful to us, but that’s showbiz.

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Lamoglia explained that he “didn’t do any scenes completely naked. We had protection, a sex cover. They call it a thong or a sock, something like that.”

However, there was one scene in particular which got fans wondering how true his bulge was on set:

“Everything is mine. All mine!” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, he explained that he and co-star Manos have formed a bond off-screen too: “The fact that we get along is great for the series and the scenes because you already have a certain intimacy, a certain chemistry.”