The highly-anticipated film My Policeman which will see Harry Styles in a gay relationship, has had its secret screening, and one thing fans aren’t keeping a lid on, is Styles’ nude scene.

Sadly, you won’t be getting a look at the singer’s baton, but his rear is very much at the fore front.

The film, based on the Bethan Roberts’ book of the same name, is set in the 50s and follows closeted cop Tom (Styles) who is caught between his wife and his male lover.

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A Twitter account dedicated to the film reveals that there is nudity but if you’re hoping for full-frontal then it might hit a bum-note:

Another fan seemed to be concerned that the nudity was becoming too much of a focus. Which, is fair, but sex scenes have always been a talking point in film and TV and probably always will be.

Firstly, if the nudity is better than the acting or the script, then y’all lucky the film is being talked about at all. Also, regardless of what get the film press, if it encourages ticket sales, we think everyone’s happy.

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