We’re gonna go along with this guy’s story, if only to let him save face and not admit to being a bit too kinky for his own good.

A recent story broke out about one unlucky man and his partner coming up with a genius idea to help fix his erectile dysfunction. Their solution? Well it wasn’t magic blue little pills, that’s for sure.

It was construction foam. Yes, you heard us right, the same stuff you plug up your holes and cracks with – and not the good kind.

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The poor 45-year old had been ‘experimenting’ with shoving things down his dick to help with his erectile dysfunction – which, a Google will tell you, doesn’t really work. His latest scheme had been one of those long straws attached to construction foam sprays, and as if tempting fate his partner went ahead and ‘inadvertently pressed the button releasing the foam’ according to the Daily Mirror.

Once you’ve recovered from inwardly cringing and recoiling from the thought of it, you can imagine the nightmare the unlucky bugger had to go through. Although, apparently, it wasn’t too bad at first, as he waited three weeks to seek medical help.

According to Mirror: “Doctors had to cut a new opening between the man’s scrotum and his anus to urinate and said he must pass a psychiatric test in order to qualify for reconstructive surgery.”

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They removed the foam from his bladder but had to use the new incision to remove it from his penis.

Here at Cocktails & Cocktalk, we’re not ones to kink shame. We try to keep an open mind to these things and not judge, but there’s gotta be a line somewhere and this has got to be pretty darn close.

Next time, as a personal recommendation, he might want to just invest in an actual sounding kit if he was so desperate to get his cock filled. Much less mess, way more fun – if you’re into that.

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