Grindr – the app which encourages casual sex encounters – has updated its community guidelines to reflect that. So if you thought your favourites were looking a little more fleshy lately, this is why!

In a statement posted to their blog, Grindr said the reason for the change was to be more diverse and inclusive.

“We recognize that assessments of how sexual a photo is can be influenced by common gender biases: how much skin someone shows, how much body hair they are expected to have, how the fat on their body is distributed, etc.”

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That kind of seems like a reach… but if this helps “people of all bodies (all ethnicities, all sizes, all genders, and all identities) expressing their sexuality joyfully” then great! (We’re hardly the type to complain about more skin on show).

Specifically, Grindr will now allow “non-graphic and without an overly sexual context” butt pics. To clarify:

Grindr Is Now Allowing More Butts on Public Profile Pics

You are, however, it seems, allowed to use overtly sexual poses with your underwear on… We’ve seen at least three.

Plenty of Full Moons Rising With Grindr’s New Butts Allowed Guidelines

Basically, keep your hoop for the private messages.

It’s also not a green light to post full-frontal nudes or porn. Obvs.

If you want those, then you need to move over to our Daily Dick feed here.