Oscar Isaac went viral earlier this month when his nude scene in Scenes From A Marriage hit Twitter. However, that’s not the only scene which has got people talking recently.

The actor, who also stars in Dune, the HBO Max adaptation of the feature-length film. While Decider clarifies that Isaac does not go full-frontal, he spoke with Comicbook about how he prepared for the naked scene.

“An army of fluffers. I just bear it all, I had a cock sock, so I was protected and everyone else was as well.” He added, “That was actually really exciting because in the book I’ve always loved this idea because you’ve also seen him so buttoned-up, and in control, and suddenly he’s just this vulnerable Christ-like figure that’s about to be sacrificed, I thought it was shot so beautifully.”

Oscar Isaac, speaking with ComicBook

An army of fluffers? That sounds like The Sacred Band of Thebes (a gay army which fearlessly beat the Spartans in battle). It also sounds like our dream job; you certainly wouldn’t need an entire army to get the job done.

And it’s this vulnerability that has been picked up on in both performances. It seems producers of both productions are eager for fans not to view the nudity as salacious or taudry. And while that may be the case, it quite clear that having your lead show his length is great for publicity too!

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