A model who made his name on America’s Next Top Model, Marvin Cortes, has come out as bisexual. In an 11-minute video posted to his Instagram account.

“I describe myself as a lover,” he said, “I am not a huge fan of labels but I get that it helps people understand where you lay on the spectrum. I identify as bisexual.”

And he’s using this landmark moment to also announce that he’s making his next career move, an OnlyFans page. Which he hopes will ‘inspire’ (and arouse, presumably).

I think there are more bisexual people in this world than people realize. I hope to inspire others that may identify with my situation and story.” 

Cortes is also quickly learning that becoming a multimedia maven is truly a full-time job. “It’s up to me to come up with concepts for shoots and videos and then find the best people to shoot and produce it.” 

Sounds like a film production.

“Modeling has made me comfortable with my body. I don’t have any qualms with disrobing. I also love engaging with fans online. It’s a personal connection that I strongly believe is harmless and even healthy!”

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