According to performers OnlyFans have enforced an even stricter set of rules that is making it even tougher for them to create content.

Earlier this year, the subscription platform which is populated by sex workers and adult content creators introduced new rules which claimed that users could not post content filmed in public, without written consent from the landowner. They also added a ban to fisting.

Now, adult entertainer Dan Saxon – who is based in Melbourne, Australia – tells us that performers and models must provide a photo of their collaborators holding their official ID in one hand and a form that confirms their name, age, and address in the other.

Creators will know that unless they have substantial followings (a struggle in itself because Twitter and Instagram are deleting accounts without warnings) it can already be difficult to find men to collaborate with, which is why many of the participants have their faces blurred.

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But convincing men to send a photo of themselves holding their ID or passport and a form with all of their personal details will be an uphill battle unless the guys themselves have OnlyFans or work in porn.

Saxon also had his Twitter recently deleted because he was using a photo of his butt in his account header.

Dan claims that “it’s different rules for everybody”, adding that his friend Ollie Kelev who posts similar content (which includes outdoors and fisting) had all of his content removed by OnlyFans, and then added again.

It’s believed that OnlyFans started clamping down on rules following Bella Thorne’s foray into the platform, where she told fans she’d be posting nudes, made roughly $3 million in two days, and then posted a photo of her naked but not revealing any of the parts people were subscribing to see.

The platform received a record number of refund requests.

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