Todrick Hall’s latest single Rainin’ Fellas will probably get stuck in your head. As will the fant-ass-tic visuals of his dancers.

Rainin’ Fellas – a nod toward the gay camp classic It’s Raining Men – starts with former-N’SYNC singer Lance Bass hailing a taxi in a suit jacket, tight shorts and heels. Much like Dave from MoneySupermarket:

Man 'twerking' in high heels and hot pants was most complained about advert  in 2015 - Irish Mirror Online

As Todrick – styled by Tina Burner – begins to start the journey, a hot naked guy lands on his vehicle. It’s rainin’ fellas, and so the song is about getting drenched. Actually what we were noticed (in the choreo in the rain sequence, this is the best bit) was how similar it looked to Rain On Me… also a song about getting wet.

And as catchy pop songs go, it’s pretty good. Some of the “artistic” decisions were questionable to me (see: Todrick wearing a nude Big Top tent as a dress with dancers inside it hand-voguing), but it’s actually a bop still.

Hall drags up a few times throughout the video, while his dancers were given a much smaller wardrobe budget. This was also a highlight.

Watch the full video: