Words: Ben Midler

Twitter: @AndrewGordonWat

Former Irish journalist Gemma O’Doherty (best known for her conspiracy theories) has said she doesn’t know a single happy gay person in a new video.

And not in a way that suggests happy gay people don’t want to be anywhere near her (ahem) – more in the way that we don’t exist. Thanks, Karen – oh, sorry, Gem. Another neat conspiracy theory.

The video, which is now trending for obvious reasons, was posted online via @aciquestion, not O’Doherty. Even if she wanted to post it, she couldn’t, as this hun was banned from Twitter last year for repeatedly violating the platform’s policies. She was also banned from YouTube in 2019 for making racist comments about minorities in Ireland, FYI.

The antithesis of a gem.

In the new video, O’Doherty said: “I don’t see anyone or know anyone who is gay who is happy. I just don’t. It’s a miserable lifestyle. It’s a promiscuous lifestyle. It’s a dark lifestyle.”

We’ll take all three. In fact, we have.

Anyway, gay Twitter naturally came through by flooding the post with pictures of LGBTQ+ love and happiness. Here are some of our faves:

A little birdy told us there are no happy Karens, either… sorry, Gemmas.