The Prime Minister of our country doesn’t know the difference between HIV and AIDS. In the year 2021.

In a COVID-19 press briefing yesterday (April 5th), Johnson gushed about the progress they government had made with regards to the novel coronavirus.

Claiming he was filled with “amazement” that science has been able to produced “so many vaccines”.

He went on to compare this to the areas where the government were notably failing (although not acknowledging that).

“I never thought we would get so many workable vaccines in such a short order when you consider we haven’t got one – we haven’t got vaccines against SARs or AIDS or whatever.”

Aside from accidentally highlighting the lack of effort the government have put in with regards to HIV progression, Boris was slammed online for confusing the two diseases – which are different things.

His mistake only feeds in to the stigma that HIV-positive people face from both within the queer community, and wider.