Mighty is the fall for wrestler Lars Sullivan who it’s reported went from earning £500,000 a year to now doing $20 meet-and-greets in a mall.

Let’s start at the beginning, back in 2019, Sullivan was once caught posting vitriol comments to a body building forum hacking into “manly” women, feminine men, drag queens and… closeted gays. So it was made even more… curious when it was uncovered that Lars had made a gay sex tape himself.

He also made a ton of racist remarks, including: “Some blacks want to take advantage of their great grandparents misfortunes, and they want a piece of the pity pie. Instead of taking some personal responsibility, they choose to attack the white man and say we must take care of them financially.”

Although, he attempted to defend himself by saying that he didn’t have “any hateful feelings towards gay people” and that this, and racism was just his “sense of humour”. In that case, let’s take a look at this punch-line from Randy Blue (NSFW):

In his own words… “that was so good”.

Lars later apologised for comments, saying he “didn’t mean to offend anyone”.

Cut to January 2021, and Sullivan was fired from the WWE for repeatedly missing filmings. Maybe he had other recording commitments… like, Sean Cody.

Now, he is signing autographs at The Wrestling Universe Store, which Queerty notes, is “located between a Dollar Tree and a barber shop”, for $20. And ironically, it’s in Queens. *Flicks wrist*

You can get a selfie for $20, an autograph for $20 or both for $30. Wonder how much it is for a blowjob… Or if you can’t make it down to Queens, the racist closet case is also on Cameo. Surely, OnlyFans is just a matter of time… But will he be with men or women?