Apparently, there are a number of straight guys who think lube is a “gay niche” product.

The irony in straight men thinking that lube is just for gay men is that those are the ones who can’t get a fanny wet, to begin with.

NY company GoodParts found that lube was often marketed as niche or kinky, missing out on the money from dumb straight men.

Found Dave Shanfield told GQ, “A lot of men I spoke to the thought of it as a gay niche product, or just for butt stuff.”

And since when were straight men opposed to anal? Or were they just gonna spit on it then too? Smh.

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“Or they were quick to say ‘I don’t need lube’ or said that she should provide the lube if she wants it, which felt sort of backward to me.”

I mean, imagine being one those men who don’t eat pussy, and then getting huffy when your partner asks for lubrication. Some men really are ‘dry’ in bed.

Shanfield continued, “A lot of straight guys see [verbal consent] as an awkward, cautionary interruption in the natural flow of things,” he explained. “But for gay guys, it is the natural flow of things, since the roles can’t be assumed.”

And apparently this branding appeals to a “less toxic version of masculinity”, although it sounds like they’re the males being targeted.