In an alleged tale from a male masseur in a hotel spa, a reality star has been accused of seeking a happy ending – although for the masseuse instead.

The quotes from BlindGossip detail:

I got called to his room and set up. I mentioned that he looked familiar. He asked me where I thought I’d seen him. I said I wasn’t sure. He laughed it off and said he wasn’t famous enough.

He quite literally looks like he could be Liberace’s love child. Lots of Botox. Effeminate. A bit of a queen. He was very flirty, lots of cheesy jokes.

He was lying on his back. He got hard in the first couple of minutes.

It’s not unusual for guests to expect something extra. It happens occasionally. But he was very direct.

He was also very polite about it. As I was massaging his leg, he asked if it was okay for him to remove his towel. Then he put his hand on my crotch and started rubbing. He asked me if I minded. He said he didn’t want to be another Travolta.

Usually, the male guest is looking for a release. But he wanted to give ME a release. In all the years I’ve been doing this, that was the first time that ever happened! I was shocked he didn’t ask me to reciprocate”.

The gossip site then indicates that the man in question “blew” his masseuse.

This is, of course, alleged, but those is the comments seem certain it’s Todd Chrisley, the real estate tycoon of Todd Chrisley Knows Best.