If you’re tired of toxic masculinity, imagine how the men who think getting enough sleep isn’t ‘manly’ feel…

Research published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, studies have concluded that “sleeping less is related to increased perceptions of masculinity, and increased masculinity is related to decreased perceived sleep amounts”.

Adding, “based on how much they sleep, men face social judgements favouring men who sleep less”.

That’s because men who sleep all day are lazy twats.

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Although, one straight-forward explanation is that sleeping less is associated with working more; and working harder or longer hours is perceived as something the husband or breadwinner has to endure over their female counterpart.

Men who slept less were viewed as less assertive, individualistic, and goal-oriented.

To the point, where some men felt less masculine even saying the words “I sleep a lot more than the average person”, compared to saying “I sleep a lot less than the average person”.

Researchers of the study commented: “Men often choose to ‘tough it out’ by avoiding feminine associations with health care.

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“Despite the severe consequences for men’s health, demonstrating stoic toughness allows men to display stereotypically masculine and agentic traits of strength, independence, autonomy, and resilience.”

On a side note, though: who is paying for this bullshit research? Can we not invest in study’s that actually change things?