If you thought playing with Barbie dolls as a young boy was gay, traditional parents of the next generation are in for an even bigger shock.

That’s because the legendary plastic doll has teamed up with the legendary pop icon Elton John to produce a new doll which mimics his style.

And Barbie is really out here with pink shades, a rainbow-trim bomber jacket, platform heels, and a wild perm only tamed by a purple bowler hat. If it weren’t for Elton’s name splashed across the jacket we might’ve thought it was Jason Prince.

Either way, don’t be surprised when Barbie starts rocking up to your next dinner party and belting out the show tunes.

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“I have always loved and embraced fashion as a means of self-expression,” John told PEOPLE.

“My earliest memories of Barbie all involve fashion and even today, she still inspires our culture, not only fashion but in art and music too. Her legacy, I’m sure, will carry on forever.”

Elton – who owns over 20,000 pairs of sunglasses – was closely-involved with the styling of the doll and is happy with the final look: “I think we nailed it”.