Those of us that have had hands-free orgasms know how great they feel, so great there have even been sex toys designed by science to give them to us.

Well, a Jakub Stefano doesn’t need any of that stuff. His famous trick in the world of OnlyFans is making himself cum without the use of his hands.

We asked him what his secret was, and he told us, “basically, you jerk-off until you’re close and you just use your muscles to cum without hand”.

More specifically; “your pelvic muscle”.

That’s the same one you use to stop yourself peeing mid-flow and to make your dick do that bouncy thing… if we’re talking scientifically.

You might think that this took Jakub some training, but, nope!

“Someone asked me for it o webcam and I just tried and it worked!” So yes, feel free to jack yourselves off to his hands-free orgasm and see if you can do it yourself.

Jakub also performs Live Streams for his fans… and they say COVID killed the theatre!

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