Kellyanne Conway – or ‘that old homophobic bitch’, as you or I know her – has left her position as Donald Trump’s White House advisor. 

Conway is notorious for her anti-LGBT+ stance, having perpetuated a number of hateful views over the years, but is leaving behind her role to focus on her family. (Unless they’re gay, then she’ll ignore their human rights).

Last night (Sunday 23rd) Conway released a statement saying – in the most FOX-style – that she was resigning, to give her family: “less drama, and more mama”.

If you want to give them more of a mother, try having a heart.

A sentiment that’s shared by her (iconic) daughter Claudia, who at just 15, has been so outspoken about her mother’s skewered political views that she regularly makes headlines. Most recently, for voicing that she wanted to be emancipated from her parents.

Although, Claudia’s father George is on her side; also unleashing a tirade on the president just days ago on Twitter.

Could it be that KellyAnne’s hateful agenda and relentless support of president Trump were tearing her family apart? It seems so.

And we can really only offer our respect to Claudia… for standing strong in her stance on what’s right.