Shaun T is most-known for his creation of the Insanity workout. The HIIT-style bodyweight schedule was a peak exercise fad a few years back but while many of us have heard of the regime, less of us know the man behind it, (including team C&C). 

Shaun T is an out gay man, but furthermore has an entire family! N’awww. But that still doesn’t stop him throwing it back like the Tik-Tok-ers of today. In fact, he’s one twerk ahead of the game if you ask us… and Cardi B.

The raptress even responded to a video of Shaun which is currently going viral for his energetic routine to her new single, WAP.

The video, which also sees Shaun’s husband Scott Brokker starkly standing still, prompted many viewers to assume Shaun’s sexual preference in bed.

“Shaun is definitely a bottom” wrote one tweeter.

Shaun took the opportunity to respond, correcting him:

Another meme which claimed ‘There are two types of gay’ received a comment which said: “One that has personality, and the other is a top”.