Jake Gyllenhaal is divulging some details about his friend’s – and his own – junk.

As part of comedian Amy Schumer’s new documentary on HBO – Expecting Amy – the actor is revealed to be a childhood friend of her husband, Chris Fischer. So it’s at their wedding back inn 2018, when Gyllenhaal gets into just how close their friendship circle actually was.

“We’re going to start this off with Chris being the only uncircumcised one amongst the four of us, which was a mystery to us as young boys because we only knew the penis to be one way,” Jake said.

And really what better way to start off a wedding toasts?

As D-listed puts it: “If only all wedding toasts provided intimate details about dicks. Instead, I’ve been forced to listen about how happy and in love the newlyweds are. Braggy, boring, and basic.”

So there you have it: Jake Gyllenhaal’s circumsized penis – confirmed.