‘Fyre Festival’s Andy King has spoken out about his new relationship for the first-time since going public with his 32-year-junior boyfriend, Craig. 

King, who shot to internet fame after a scene where he talks candidly about being prepared to “suck his dick” to save his job, also spoke about the #MeToo movement, not appearing gay and refusing to settle.

On watching his scene for the first time

“A lot of my ‘Fyre’ compadres were there and it didn’t occur to me that they were all sitting at the back. Not me… I was sitting in the front row in a bright pink jumper. 

“The scene came up and I just shrank down in my seat. My poor sisters were there, all sorta of people, everybody was so embarrassed. And when the scene came up, everybody just jumped to their feet and gave me a standing ovation. 

Doubling down on being a “team player”

“You learn more from your failures than you do from your successes. And when it comes to my story in the documentary, I basically say sometimes you need to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

“I’m not saying you have to suck every dick in the neighborhood. But you might have to pull 10 all-nighters for a new start-up. But if you work for a company that you believe in, which is making positive change, you might have to do things you never dreamed you had to do.” 

How the Fyre festival blowjob incident fits into the #MeToo movement:

“With MeToo and Jeffrey Epstein and the pedophilia, the whole thing is just spinning out of control. 

“It wasn’t like Billy said to me, you need to find nine vaginas and have sex with them, you know, one dick I can handle. If I need to suck one dick to save a $25 million festival, then I’ll do it, whatever… but you’re not really allowed to say that in the gay world. 

“For me, my message is, ‘sometimes you need to do whatever it takes. And being the ultimate team player is how you’re gonna be successful. I don’t always want it to come back to ‘find the biggest dick in the neighbourhood and suck it’ ‘cause that’s not the message.

“It’s kind of tricky now, with the #MeToo and this pedophile thing coming all over the place, but I do stand firm and say, “listen, I don’t approve of MeToo but I feel like it blew out of control… and its just… historically, you don’t think with greek emperors there weren’t sexual favours? Or in politics for the last couple hundred years there weren’t sexual favours to get the job done? Absolutely.”

“Its not something I’m promoting, but I said it and its been leaked to the entire world”. 

On “not appearing gay”

“I’m not a big flag-waver. I, sort of, try to keep my sexuality to myself. But that’s another controversial piece for me, you know, like gay pride; I was asked to participate in a number of different gay prides last year, which I couldn’t do due to my travel schedule.

But I don’t like to push it down people’s throats. 

I’m the popular gay guy because, let me explain, in my event business I reaped a huge amount of success at a very young age because I could go to any trading floor at any huge investment banking firm, ‘cause I was dressed in a nice suit and I wasn’t screaming “you go, girl!”

On how he met his current boyfriend:

“We met a year before Fyre, for one day, at a bar on the waterfront of Venice beach. He was visiting friends and so was only in town for a couple weeks.

“We were both standing at the bar and got chatting. Then he left, and I left. 

“And then Fyre hit. And sweet Craig tried to reach out to me via Instagram. I didn’t even know what a DM was. So then he tried to message me on Facebook. But the stalkers all come out at Facebook so I don’t really use it. So cute Craig finally sent me a message on LinkedIn.” 

On his 32-year age-gap relationship: 

“Out of all the outpouring of love, there were a couple haters. But we have to expect that right?

“Craig was cool about just deleting them, so it wasn’t gonna upset me, but there were a couple people who were like “Andy, what a creep. He’s young enough to be your grandson.” 

“It’s like, ‘what are you talking about?’ Age is just a number. Yes, I’m attracted to someone who’s younger than me but he happens to be attracted to someone who’s older, so its a great match.

“One of the challenges I’m hoping to overcome, with his familty and some friends. The immediate visual is that he’s a boytoy, and just some young fling thing. Which is not the case. 

“Yes, we drive nice cars and live on a 400-acre farm, but we still have to work hard.” 

Advise to young gay men looking for love

“You should never settle. I really feel that you should never think ‘oh im gonna compromise on all the things I love.

“We’re blessed because we’re so compatible and I see so many gay relationships that are up and down, jealous, etc and there is a good match out there for everybody, you just have to be patience.

“Just go for it; if Craig hadn’t reached out then we wouldn’t be here today. What do you have to loose? Right? Just go for it. If there’s someone you have the hots for or that intrigues you, just go for it. All they can say is no, right?”