YouTuber turned amateur porn star Chris Crocker has apologised to his fans after accidentally pooped during sex that was being live-streamed.

Posting a video to his Twitter account Crocker said: “It’s one thing to have an accident in private. It’s another to do it in a live chat.”

“He knows that I didn’t mean to poop on him… I did prepare, but I think it just goes to show no matter how much you prepare before a scene, things can happen.”

We do question why Crocker didn’t just mass-message his OnlyFans followers to apologise rather than posting to his Twitter.

But with the wild and unpredictable content that Crocker has posted on his social media pages before, (including being involved in a raceplay blackmail threat and bizarre tweets about going to rehab), we wouldn’t be surprised if this was another ploy for promotion. Although we’re not sure scat is the way to promote your content most efficiently.

It did however spark a number of warm, comforting responses from followers telling him… you guessed it, “SHIT HAPPENS”.


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