The longer that social media exists, the more insight we gain into toxic masculinity.

Whether it’s a straight guy who doesn’t want to wipe his own ass, or see his girlfriend wear his boxers, or someone that thinks recycling is a bit flouncy, they’re all on-par with this woman who thinks that men ordering dessert on a date is a red flag.

She adds, “that’s a female thing to do [for real]”

Well, ladies, if you ever been on a date with a guy that ordered dessert and never called you, it’s quite obvious it was the poofiteroles he ate.

Although one thing that is true – if the man brings more cake to the party than you, he probably throws it back too.

Perhaps it was a sarcastic throwaway comment? Nope. She continued:

“If a guy is on a date with a woman, the woman should be the only one asking for appetisers and dessert. Men eat MEALS. Like, seriously. You can just taste some of whatever I ordered.”

Like, seriously… gays don’t fucking eat dessert.

Imagine being that pressed about your date ordering an appetiser! Kim, there are people dying… 

Naturally, the tweet was met with thousands of respondents mocking the stupidity of the idea.