We hadn’t even heard of Nick Youngquest before 2012, and now, sadly the new generation probably won’t have either. The Australian rugby player retired from the game to pursue a career in modelling (very Thom Evans, and the like) – which initially we were happy about: if you don’t get naked with genes like that, it’s basically spitting in God’s face.

Besides, evenĀ lessĀ clothes than tight rugby shorts, can only be a good thing, right? But where is the slice of chiselled heaven now? The last time Youngquest was in the headlines was April 2019 when this naked snap caught the media’s attention:

FMF Image

If like us, you won’t see the big deal until you look at the shadow on his leg.

Even so, the pic is tame compared to the younger portfolio which was overflowing with visible-penis-line.

He appeared in every magazine from DNA, to Attitude, to OUT. Although Youngquest is straight himself, the publications and Nick did pretty well at giving the gays exactly what they want. The thirst is still well and truly alive so perhaps it’s time he made a comeback calendar…