For the first time ever more straight men have contracted HIV than gay men according to statistics from Western Australia published by DNA magazine.

HIV diagnosis’ from men who have sex with men were down 51%, while it’s reported the number of straight men diagnosed was up 21% with 26 cases reported in the last twelve months. I’m certainly no expert, but even 26 cases on the span of a year still seems really low?

Most of the cases in straight men were attributed to contracting the disease while on holiday in South East Asia.

Since the figures have emerged, Western Australia’s Health Minister, Roger Cook has launched the Going Somewhere? campaign which attempts to educate straight men about the HIV risks when abroad. The campaign will consist of posters in men’s bathrooms, notifying viewers of the importance of PrEP, safe sex and getting tested regularly.

“Going Somewhere? is particularly aimed at men who travel to south-east Asia and who may not be aware of the risk of acquiring and spreading HIV, and other STIs, while on holiday. It reminds men to take precautions, use condoms and visit a GP or sexual health clinic for a check-up when they get home,” Cook said through a WA Health statement.

[H/t: Instinct]