It sucks that in this day and age social media is so powerful that many of us have to rely on it for an income. Further problems unfold when the third-party platforms disagree with anything we do or say, and just like that they’ll take away your hard-earned audience overnight.

Such is with our Twitter account which was removed entirely last week. I’ve appealed the decision four times and clearly they don’t plan on giving any more an answer than “managing multiple¬†Twitter¬†accounts for abusive purposes”. Like, girl what?

Obviously I have a few Twitter accounts, two of which are still working, but I literally don’t have the time to sit here and abuse strangers over social media, let alone create multiple accounts to do so. It’s called having a fucking life?

Last week I called Piers Morgan a “sad pleb with small wrinkly willy syndrome”, and that’s the only thing I think that could be classed as abuse, but is it even abuse if it’s true?

Anyway, we’re starting from scratch – such is life – and would really appreciate your follows HERE.

UPDATE: Apparently, we’ve violated the Twitter rules AGAIN, despite having only ONE tweet about Ricky Martin and his new baby. Again, without any information as to what we’ve supposedly done.¬†