Last month when Charli XCX signed a bottle of poppers for a gay fan, the internet declared: “gay rights!” However, when a fan posted that she’d signed his douche, even the internet thought the gays had gone a step too far.

In what appears to be a desperate – but successful – bid for Twitter fame, Marcus brought along his “spare” douche for the singer… how much shit are you harbouring that you need a spare douche? Just a question.

Before her concert at Manchester’s O2 arena, Marcus admits he was ‘unsure’ of approaching her with unusual request, although initially asked her to hold a bottle of poppers up to his nose. Which she “politically declined”.

“I was just thinking what could be a really obscure and funny thing to get her to sign,” Marcus told PinkNews.

Adding: “She didn’t really know what it was so her reaction wasn’t anything over the top.” Well, if anything, after all of this BS, her reaction was probably more “over the bottoms”.

Reactions varied from “gays don’t deserve rights” to “maybe Chick-Fil-A was right”.