In this first episode of Virgin Toy Story, I got to grips with a Fleshlight Flight. I thought I’d start off quite basic, rather than just dive in the deep end and be turning up to A&E because I’ve got a string of anal beads stuck inside me.

The idea of a fleshlight has always appealed to me more so than other toys, because they’ve always seemed quite easy to use and nowhere near as messy or as much effort as dildos, etc. And afterwards, I can see why they’re popular, it’s just like a wank that’s had an upgrade. It requires a bit of a clean, but really not much more than a wank itself.

The toy itself possesses a “bumpy canal” inside, (now there’s something you won’t discover inside the rectum of your next Grindr shag), designed to enhance the user’s pleasure even more. And pleasurable IT WAS. Generally, how I’d rate a sex toy would be pleasure VS ease of use (while considering price), so I gave this fleshlight 4.5/5: quick and easy to use without having to put a towel down… winner.

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Or, if you’re keen to get your dick vacuum-packed too, you can buy the Fleshlight Flight from LoveHoney here: US customers, UK customers and EU customers.

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