Gay culture is slagging people off for making money from their bodies and then realizing how profitable it is, and doing it yourself. Well, at least that’s what seems to be gay culture for this Twitter user who is now being dragged for his former views.

“Don’t ever change, gays” wrote Lee McVeigh, who posted receipts from November 2018, which saw user @JohnWayne119 writing:

“I’m sorry but there are some depths of desperation that as a self-respecting human you should not go to, having an OnlyFans and exposing yourself to random people online is on par with prostitution, and the to glorify it like it’s an achievement, NO, there are other ways to make ££”, alongside a *sips tea* Wendy Williams GIF.

Clearly, those “other ways” weren’t quite working out so well for John Wayne, who this month, posted a picture digitally penetrating himself – with a strategically-placed smiley face emoji – asking his followers to “guess how many fingers”.

Now, if that’s not a full circle moment…

After all, toxic masculinity is one thing; toxic hypocrisy is another!