We all know that you’ve got to be careful with what you put on social media, but it seems you can’t even post about your painful laser removal these days, without being outed as a gay porn star.

Twitter user @chriskell3y posted about the “stupid tattoo” he got at 19, which reads ‘Born This Way’; the title of Lady Gaga’s inclusive/LGBT+ anthem. While the original tweet was met with a number of replies, one stood out:

“ARE YOU PORN ACTOR GAY??” asked one Tweeter, alongside an image of the guy in question riding another guy.

The tweet posting images side-by-side has been liked over 250,000 times, and that’s the internet for you.

Turns out the guy posting about his tattoo was Connor Kline, who has previously worked with Sean Cody and Men.com.

Kline was swiftly blocking anybody who mentioned his foray into adult entertainment… perhaps the tattoo wasn’t the stupid decision he was really trying to hide.

In fact, many people replied to say that he had far worse tattoos to get rid of before his Gaga one.

But seriously, this is the actual lesson: if you get recognisable tattoos, don’t do porn unless you’re prepared to be eternally recognised.