Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo sits on the edge of a bed, under coloured neon lights, like a glamorized webcam girl. Although instead of knockers, its his knickers he’s putting on show.

Promoting his High Summer ’19 range, Ronaldo said: “Summer is my favourite season and I love the time of day when the sun goes down and the sky is vivid.”

“I wanted to capture that feeling in my HS19 campaign, using intense colour that’s bold, rich and compliments my new collection. I wanted the campaign to have a really relaxed feel. Summer is the time of year when I have some time to chill out, so I wanted to reflect that.”

LOL, ok, sure Jan. It’s literally just the same underwear as before but in different colours; though that’s PR for you… bullshit. Anyway, get a face full of Ronaldo’s balls below: