As Season 11 of Drag Race draws to a close we look at who deserves the crown, and why.

Brooke Lynn Heights has been slaying the judges since her first runway where she wore that navy blue futuristic catsuit. Although it hasn’t been plain-sailing for Brook, it hasn’t been for any of the queens this time around. But, what should be noted is that Brooke has consistently brought it on the runway, and has grown a lot since that horrifying Snatch Game.

In fact, it was just moments after that in which we witnessed Brooke’s true capability in getting us excited, providing us with a much-needed gag-worthy reveal. (Is it just us, or do queens not invest the time and energy into a good reveal anymore?)

Before partaking in one of Drag Race‘s most iconic lip-syncs to date, along Yvie Oddly. By this point, Brooke Lynn has firmly cemented herself as a talent, well-rounded queen; (just don’t ask her to do an accent from her home country). Although she later goes on to play the nude exhibitionist, which was one of the highlights of the season. Turns out she can act after all, she just needs more practice.

I thought the judges were quite harsh on Brooke Lynn in the last episode Queens Everywhere. Although Heights should have known better than to base her inspiration on Canada, (butchering your country’s culture once is usually enough), I didn’t think her verse was especially “bad”. Honestly, it was just very white, (nobody else’s rap was ‘funny’), but at least it was a decent length, unlike Silky’s.

Her runway was definitely disappointing, I mean, even Vanjie was in a floor-length gown, but sometimes queens have difficulty judging when to show ‘themselves’, which is what they’ve been told all season. Your ‘best drag’ shouldn’t be based on what you do best, rather just the most extravagant/expensive shit you own.

Even though she didn’t end on as high a note as she probably wished, the race ain’t over. Taking everything Heights has achieved into account makes her one of the frontrunners, especially if this lip-sync assassin pulls out a killer final performance.