Did Magic Mike make your mouth water? Maybe it made you curious about the steamy strip shows frequented by hen parties desperately seeking titillation. Understandably though, we can hardly enjoy the show in peace with the screams of

Well, we present a solution. A variety of sexy strippers are taking to OnlyFans to broadcast both their shows, and the behind the scenes, to their subscribers. No need to go visit a strip show anymore, their fan page gives you the option to watch it all

We’ve compiled a TOP 6 of those with the best content for your viewing pleasure. Check them out:

1. Javier Markham: trainer by day, stripper by night

One of the first strippers we found was Javier Markham, and he is still definitely one of our favourites. By day, this hot London jock is a personal trainer, and by night he shows off all his hard work in the gym, plus all of his hard cock during his strip shows. He clearly enjoys his job; and what straight guy wouldn’t enjoy getting their kit off for a crowd of adoring women? (Although, we have also seen that Javier also strips for gay couples as well…).

2. Gabriel: not just his smile is big

Our next sexy stripper from the UK Gabriel, doesn’t just show off his incredible body, rock hard cock and sexy smile. He also gives a little bit more…Of course, you can see his strip shows, but in addition to this, Gabriel also posts POV jerking vids, (with a very happy ending), pics and videos of his ass (and hole!), and even the occasional sex videos – our favourite being a threesome with a girl and another guy. Hawt.

3. Nath Wyld: Aussie gone Wyld

For Nath Wyld, we have to take a trip down under. The Melbourne based fireman, (you couldn’t make this shit up right?) twerks his juicy butt as a side hustle, driving the Aussie women wild.

He may be straight, but he has no qualms about showing off his bubble butt and hairy hole, and is quite happy to do so al fresco; in his garden and occasionally public. His cumshots are big enough to – well, put out a fire. A bush fire at least.

4. Trojan: Birmingham boy loves flopping it

Back to the UK now, Trojan a Pleasureboys stripper based in Birmingham, with the body of an Adonis, the face of an angel and the attitude of a whore (in a good way). Strip shows, backstage and other sneak peaks into this guy’s private life are what you can expect on his OnlyFans.

5. Casanova: the Welsh exhibitionist

There must be something in the water of the Welsh mountains because Casanova is hot, hung and horny – but that’s not all you’ll see on his page. One of Casanova’s videos literally shows him being walked in on by a total stranger backstage at one of his performances.

You can hear her shout ‘Oh my God!’, but he just carries on with what he is doing, just saying ‘it’s ok, you can come in if you want’. The soul of a true exhibitionist!

6. Danny: muscled cutie from Banbury

And last, but certainly not least, is Danny Blu, from Banbury, England. Danny is a muscled cutie who posts videos showing his mammoth cock during his live strip shows, and he even uploaded hardcore videos with his own girlfriend (who, we must admit, really knows how to suck cock – kudos!).

So there you have it, our list of the best, most exciting and teasing strippers who have taken to OnlyFans to share their shows and private moments for us. Don’t you feel lucky?