Exercise is one of them things which most of us don’t like doing, but feel great after. But working out is so much appealing when it’s just for 10 minutes and not an hour, wouldn’t you agree?

These 5 HIIT workouts are perfect for people who suffer with pre-gym-dread, and just want their workout over and done with. Not only are they nice and quick (all less than 20 minutes) and super-effective for shredding that physique or shifting a few pounds, but we’ve selected a handful of workouts that pass by quicker than their already short time frame.

Everybody say “Jump”: This workout combines a number of ‘base’ exercises, such as press ups, burpees, planking and mountain climbers with sporadic jumps in-between.

Traffic Light HIIT

The red light/green light approach is basically just stopping (resting) when you see red, and going (exercising) when you see green. Part of the reason this workout flies by is that you’re never sure when you’re going to be resting, so you’re focused in the moment – not on the rest of the workout ahead.

Quick and Intense

This ‘quick and intense’ workout with definitely have you sweating, but by ditching the traditional AB/AB format of the workout, you’ll feel like you’re only working out for 9 minutes instead of 14. This workout contains two sets of six exercises, which will be ran through consecutively twice – with 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.


Brutal Anaerobic HIIT

Opposite style to the above workout, this one works with six paired exercises that are trained in an AB/AB format twice. You’ve been warned though… it’s pretty brutal – especially the ending!

The Spartan 500

This one if one 5 exercises, but don’t let that fool you. Spartans were known for their enviable hard-worked physiques, and that’s exactly what you’ll have if this workout doesn’t kill you. One of the more difficult workouts, it may take a few go’s before you can build up to completing this workout fully. Why 500? That’s the number of reps.